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When is drinking drunk?

Yesterday was mothers day and we had Sunday Lunch with my mother and sister in law's. I took along a bottle of 'Nosecco' to have with my meal. My lovely sister in law had very kindly brought along some 'Gordons 0.0' as she knew I wasn't drinking. There were bottles of red wine and Prosecco for everyone else. My sister in law has also been cutting down, and enjoying no alcohol gin after a couple of real ones. She said she doesn't like being drunk, but she really likes having a drink in her hand. I know her to be someone who, like me, doesn't really stop once she's started - she has before now fallen asleep with her head on her plate of food having told my mother to fuck off. So, this is impressive, and an amazing note of solidarity - I have influence!

As the afternoon went on, the general volume of the conversation went up, and the repetition of what was being said increased. This was my first experience of sobriety among the drunk. Who were immediately defensive at my suggestion that they were a bit drunk. It reminded me of Pamela's line in Gavin and Stacey when asked if she was drunk,

"Noooo, oh no, I mean, I've had some wines, but no, I'm not drunk"

It was interesting for me to see the conversational style change and the way people start one conversation while one is already happening, and then talk louder so they can be heard over each other. On this occasion I found quite jarring, and did not feel myself to be a part of it . I know it's ordinary, but after 3 hours I was ready for home, and solitary silence. I'm going to need a thicker skin, or a noise reduction system I think!

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