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Day One

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

My wife came home with a bottle of prosecco and 3 bottles of tonic (We have half a bottle of gin in the house already). I had said to her last week, after I fell over and broke my foot, that I wanted to stop for a while. She knows me well, and thought I meant a the most. So I just said no, I meant for longer, and then drank ginger scoosh while she had the bottle of prosecco.

Now then. Was I honest with my wife? No. Not entirely. I did not tell her straight away that I had decided to stop drinking. The last time I mentioned wanting to stop she was really disappointing and a bit hurt. She really loves it when we just get a bit tiddly and fun together, and doesn't want to think about that never happening again.

So, this morning I had a better discussion. I made the point that I blatantly cannot control my drinking, not long term. I can invent rules and protocols that work for a while, and then one day I get a head on me and am convinced I can drink all day and it won't affect me.

I also said I wanted to decide for myself when my lowest point is going to be. I've had few, but I still have an amazing job, a lovely house and the best wife. If breaking my foot falling over because I can't not drink for 12 weeks recovery from a major operation, then where is my low point? What else has to happen?

She listened, completely, said she will support me in my endeavours.

It's such early days, but I feel calm and confident. There was gin, and prosecco, and I enjoyed my scoosh instead.

I need some non sweet beverage alternatives - anyone got any ideas?

#stoppingdrinking #AAfirststeps #alcohol #abstinence #selfcontrol

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