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Self C0ntr0l

One Day At A Time

This is a Personal Abstinence Record

An accountability route. 

I have decided to stop drinking.

I'm starting this on a Thursday. 

I always have a drink on a Thursday.

Not today.

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When is drinking drunk?

Yesterday was mothers day and we had Sunday Lunch with my mother and sister in law's. I took along a bottle of 'Nosecco' to have with my...

How no is low?

In my search for delicious non alcoholic alternative drinks, I've made a few discoveries. My tipple of choice was generally a good Gin...

The 3rd weekend

I wonder if this is easier for me to do because we're still in lockdown? Pubs are shut, we can't meet up with friends, I've not been in...

Fat Free Yogurt

When I first started loosing weight (on a popular paid for programme) I cut many delicious things from my diet. Almost all of them were...

'Acquiring the taste'

The first time I had alcohol I didn't like the flavour. Father said it was an 'acquired taste' and I should keep drinking it until I had...

Happiness, Relief & Release

Over the weekend I have been feeling calm, happy, relaxed and keep smiling. Although this was not what I was expecting, (and I'm sure it...

Non alcoholic alcohol

I have two conflicting opinions on these. A couple of friends have been recommending the benefits of the new 'Gordons Alcohol Free Gin',...

Day One

My wife came home with a bottle of prosecco and 3 bottles of tonic (We have half a bottle of gin in the house already). I had said to her...

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